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Samsung’s PMF Touch displays combine the visual power of its signage with the touch-driven efficiency of its interactive offerings to better serve the needs of retail, public, corporate and transportation environments, among others. The displays allow consumers to seamlessly navigate a range of relevant content without interference from surrounding light or environmental conditions.


The integrated, powerful Tizen operating system grants PMF Touch users exciting capabilities to deliver rich, engaging content with minimal operational burden required. Beyond a potential uptick in sales and engagement, businesses also benefit from the reduced total operational costs that come with a low-maintenance, hassle-free visual display upgrade.

  • Capacitive touch technology makes up to 10 different touch points available simultaneously

  • All-in-one signage package includes integrated media player and content management tools

  • Powerful Tizen operating system ensures seamless operations and captivating graphic performance

  • Bright, non-glare design enhances readability regardless of surrounding lighting

  • IP5x certification signifies displays’ resistance to dust and dirt exposure

  • Durable, 24/7 performance ensures continuous interactivity and content sharing

  • Easy, flexible display control possible through a centralized infrared receiver (IR)

Powerful, Convenient Management through an All-in-One Composition

As today’s businesses seek new ways to stand out among increasingly crowded competition, interactivity and convenience have become more a critical component of day-to-day operations. Today’s tech-savvy consumers have come to expect a touch-driven experience with access to more relevant information and higher quality content than static alternatives provide.

Likewise, these consumers are growing more accustomed to self-service, and the convenience that comes with placing and fulfilling their own orders for items ranging from train tickets to fast food. For businesses, an upgrade to kiosk displays delivers engagement, simplicity and speed that customers will remember, while simultaneously enabling more cost-efficient management.

Samsung’s PMF Touch displays condense several vital signage components – including a powerful operating system, embedded media player and capacitive touch technology – into an all-in-one solution. Backed by the versatile Tizen OS, the PMF Touch displays deliver dynamic, touch-enabled content without requiring external PCs or devices. An intuitive interface further drives quick and convenient navigation across essential applications and content.

Comfortable, Multi-Point Capacitive Touch Communication

Brilliant, Glare-Free Visual Quality

Featuring elevated contrast ratios and 400nit brightness, the PMF Touch displays showcase highly visible content even in environments subject to variable lighting conditions. A non-glare, glass touch front panel further reduces the impact of natural and ambient light interference and guarantees consistent readability, while a complementary anti-haze coating drives smooth, uninterrupted on-screen navigation.

Through capacitive touch technology and a user-friendly design, Samsung’s PMF Touch displays foster a comfortable, easy-to-navigate digital writing experience. The interactive displays can accommodate 10 unique touch points while maintaining the smooth, familiar feel of analog board or pen-and-paper writing, and without interference from dust, sunlight or other natural variables.

Reliable, Dust-Resistant Design for Continuous Content Delivery

Designed for 24/7 operations, Samsung’s PMF Touch displays build trust for users looking to deliver unwavering messaging without ongoing maintenance. Each PMF Touch display undergoes rigorous IP5x certification to validate its resistance to dust, dirt and other environmental factors. Likewise, these benefits make the PMF Touch a welcome addition to train and bus stations, and other environments frequently subject to the elements.

Convenient Display Control through a Centralized Receiver

The PMF Touch displays drive user convenience through a centralized infrared receiver (IR). Contrary to standard displays which place their IR in a hard-to-access - and thus hard-to-control - location, the PMF Touch displays receive IR signals across their individual panels. As a result, users can activate IR functionalities from various locations and further augment quick and uninterrupted management.

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