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Video Walls are a powerful new way to break through the clutter and engage with your intended audience. Samsung pioneered LCD-based video walls and is now the market leader in ultra-thin, eco-friendly, LED-based video walls. Our complete solution includes a wide range of advanced LED display panels, robust management software, and media players to suit almost any need and budget. Samsung video walls are used by leading retailers, airports, businesses, public venues and educational facilities around the world.​​

Enjoy Complete Design Freedom with The Widest Range Of Panels

Samsung’s wide range of video wall display sizes and shapes enables you to create stunning video walls in almost any location and with almost any configuration. The UDC, UDC-B and UEC Series panels have a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio and are available in 46" and 55" sizes. The UD22B display has a unique square shape (1:1 aspect ratio) for even more design options.

The six models enable a wide range of creative configuration options. Create a single landscape display for a shop window. Or a multi-panel portrait wall in a meeting room. Or a massive 10x10 video wall in a public space. Samsung magicinfo videowall software gives even greater design freedom by enabling asymmetric video walls that are unique and artistic.

Grab Viewer Attention with Advanced Displays And Dynamic Content

Bright, Full-HD Panels That Get Noticed - Samsung LED displays produce brilliant, vivid images that grab the viewer’s attention. The displays have full HD resolution and up to 700 nits brightness for crystal-clear, sharp images.

Magicinfo videowall Software for Dynamic Content - The optional magicinfo videowall software enables many creative ways to display content. Schedule content based on time of day. Show live camera or PC feeds on one or many displays. Create distinctive art walls with unique shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Captivate Audiences through a Narrow Bezel and Optimized Panel Design

Ultra-Narrow Bezels Maximize Visuals - Don’t let beautiful visuals get chopped up with gridlines from thick bezels. Samsung videowall displays have ultra-narrow bezels for a nearly seamless visual experience. The UDC and UDC-B models have a bezel-to-bezel width of just 0.22 inches (5.5 mm), while the UEC models have a narrow bezel width of 0.43 inches (11 mm).

Advanced Color Management Ensures Color Uniformity Select Samsung video wall displays have Advanced Color Management (ACM) features to adjust color levels across the videowall. In addition, all Samsung displays are color calibrated at the factory to save the time and effort of managing color uniformity and white balance during installation.

Lower Upfront Costs

Think video walls are too expensive to purchase and operate? Not with us. Since Samsung design and build displays in-house, we can offer cost-effective video wall solutions to fit almost any budget. For basic functionality, the UDC-B displays enable virtually seamless video walls at an affordable price. The UDC and UEC Series have onboard processors and storage for basic playback without the need to attach a separate PC or media player.

Reduce Electricity Costs - Samsung video wall displays use advanced LED technology, which reduces electricity consumption by up to 40% compared to CCFL-based panels. The panels also run cooler, so air conditioning costs are lower.

High-Performing Display Readability and Durability for your Business

Rely on Samsung Quality and Reliability

Samsung is the global leader in advanced video displays. We manufacture millions of displays for televisions, smartphones, tablets, monitors and, of course, video walls. Samsung video wall displays are built for demanding commercial installations with high-quality components to ensure reliable, long-term performance.

Basic Content Playback Using On-Board Processors and Storage

For basic video playback, simply use the on-board processors and storage in the UEC and UDC Series to daisy chain up to 100 displays. These displays use displayport connectors to daisy chain the video loop from one source panel. It is a cost-effective solution for deployments that may not need complex features.

Live Streaming and Large-Scale Deployments with magicinfo videowall - I Software

For deployments with more than 16 panels or additional functionality, the magicinfo videowall - I software and associated hardware is ideal. The videowall - I software enables live camera feeds and controls up to 250 displays. This option is ideal for large video walls, conference rooms and control rooms where the ability to display PC and camera feeds may be required, in addition to providing flexibility of rotating or overlapping your screens.

Semi-Complex Deployments with magicinfo videowall -

S Software

For more robust deployments, the magicinfo videowall -

S software and a single PC or notebook can drive up to 16 displays. Unlike competitor videowall systems, this option does not require a separate media player for each display. So hardware, wiring and installation costs are significantly minimized. The magicinfo videowall - S is a network-based solution, so it does require a Gigabit Ethernet LAN network with a switch. The software has many additional features for including asymmetric configurations, schedule-based playback and mixed panel sizes/ aspect ratios.

Impress Visitors at Your Business Facility

Impress visiting prospects, customers and partners by communicating your company message in lobbies, entrances, and trade show booths. The Samsung videowall panels have sleek and thin profiles that suit almost any business décor. For complex deployments like operations centers and control rooms, the optional magicinfo videowall - I software enables live video camera and PC feeds directly onto the displays for real-time data sharing.

Engage Viewers in Public Spaces

Public spaces require large video walls to break through the clutter and visual noise. Whether it’s a busy airport terminal or an elite art gallery, Samsung video walls render bright, bold images that can be displayed in a variety of sizes and shapes. For public spaces that need always-on video walls, the UDC, UDC-B and UD22B displays are rated for 24/7 operation.

Streamlined Design and Easy Set-up

Entice Customers at Retail Venues

Samsung video wall solutions are ideal for almost any size and type of retail environment. Boutiques and specialty retailers can create stunning video walls with artistic designs and shapes that set the right mood. Department stores can deploy video walls in high traffic areas with attention-catching promotions. Malls and shopping centers can communicate upcoming events and create a shopping-friendly ambiance. Samsung video walls can also be deployed in bank branches and retail investment centers to promote new products and display stock tickers and market information.

Connect with Students and Alumni

Samsung video walls can support outreach efforts when visitors, alumni and benefactors are on campus for sporting events, reunions and meetings. The video walls can be used to tastefully message university achievements like distinguished faculty awards, student achievements and athletic performance. Samsung video walls can also be used to promote student organizations, activities and upcoming events in student unions and common spaces.

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